General Ascalonian Catacombs Info

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General Ascalonian Catacombs Info

Post by Kikkah on April 19th 2013, 07:53

Ascalonian Catacombs is the first dungeon that is available.


  • Level 30


  • Level 35

Explorable mode has 3 different paths. Each path will reward 60 Dungeon Tokens.
When doing paths mutiple times on the same character you will gain "DR" (Diminishing Returns), you will only gain 20 Dungeon Tokens then.
After that it will be 10, 5 and as last 2 each time.

You can however switch characters and rerun that path to gain the full 60 Dungeon Tokens again.

Each dungeon has it own sets of potions. I will display here only the level 65-80 potions.

Required Level: 80

  • +10% damage vs Ghosts
  • -10% damage from Ghosts
  • +10 Experience from kills

The potions might be expensive therefor if available try and buy the "Potent Potions" they are relative cheap.
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